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New Earth Global Fund

The fund makes “micro-grants” available to voluntary associations around the world who undertake, document, and peer review local projects that improve social and/or environmental quality of life. The fund is replenished each year by voluntary contributions from companies who become “New Earth Companies” by committing “at least a dollar, at least one hour, at least one impact getting better. This means:

  • At least one dollar to the fund (recommended level of contribution is 1% of profit, but all contributions welcome);
  • At least one hour per employee per year (recommended allowance is 1% of each employee's work-year, or 2.5 days for a full-time person working 40 hours per week) available to them to pursue activities that improve social and/or environmental quality of life;
  • At least one impact of the company's operations is to be evaluated with the help of stakeholders and tools such as those provided to companies by New Earth, and is to be improved every year.

The global fund has been used by voluntary associations around the world, including a youth Agri-forestry project in Botswana; purchases of breeding animals and installation of internet access with training to three rural villages in Mexico; and reforestation and water collection projects in Kenya.

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